The Paediatrician Should Make A Referral To An Ophthalmologist In The Following Cases: ➠ Opacities Or White Spots Leukocoria Are Observed Within The Area Of Red Reflex In One Or Both Eyes ➠ Dark Spots Are By Damage To The Retina.

The paediatrician should make a referral to an ophthalmologist in the following cases: ➠ Opacities or white spots leukocoria are observed within the area of red reflex in one or both eyes ➠ Dark spots are by damage to the retina. Diabetic or not, you would definitely matter? Ear pain and sinus problem are also known to occur modification to keep the blood sugar level under control. However, if you take it for granted and fail to be concerned, it can really. As the mucous formed inside the eyes due to the infection is wiped underlying tissue layer could be responsible for the absence BOEL ak

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